Scott Briggs is intelligent, creative, and tirelessly devoted to his clients. He provides secure holding and legal counsel for digital assets.

technical understanding

I've spent countless hours researching and mastering many technological features behind cryptocurrency, from the possibility for conducting completely secure, low-cost digital transactions globally, to the relative merits of one cryptocurrency over another.

When you retain me, you know that I have the ability to safely hold complex assets and facilitate important digital transactions.


I graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Law and was awarded the Dean's Scholarship based on academic achievement. Now, I apply my research skill and legal analysis to achieve certainty in financial regulatory compliance. You can count on me to be on the cutting edge of judicial appellate decisions; to track the latest congressional votes and bills; to achieve complete, worry-free legal compliance for your digital assets.

duty of loyalty

Of all the professions, a lawyer's ethical duty to his client is among the highest. It is our duty: "To maintain the confidence, and at every peril to himself or herself to preserve the secrets, of his or her client." Business and Professions Code sec. 6068, subdivision (e)(1).

I employ a client-focused approach from the moment you hire me. Simply put, I work tirelessly and effectively to keep your digital assets safe, private, and legal.