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Benefits of Briggs Capital Holding

  • Security:

In the age of effortless digital communication, it's crucial that individuals and businesses protect and organize their digital assets. Security is an important concern. Digital assets are not merely digital files, they are pieces of content that are valuable and have high replacement costs if stolen or lost.


  • Usability:

In addition to security, digital assets need to be usable in a practical way for everyone, not just the tech savvy people. Briggs Capital Holding provides ongoing support to facilitate any type of digital asset transaction on behalf of our clients through a secure, private, and legal environment.


  • Research:

As with any asset class, it is important to be properly diversified. There are hundreds of different types of digital assets. Briggs Capital Holding only holds assets we have technical and legal confidence in. To achieve this, we perform ongoing legal and technological research into specific digital assets. We stay in tune with legal decisions, political developments, and technological breakthroughs within the digital asset world.


  • Acquisition:

One of the most challenging aspects of digital assets is how to actually acquire them. We help clients safely obtain holdings in a wide array of diverse assets through financially prudent purchasing strategies, such as dollar cost averaging and scrutinizing various cryptocurrency exchanges for arbitrage opportunities.

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